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Dozens of searches and thousands of places to look

Background Checks are necessary to place safe qualified candidates. Our Background Checks can help avoid workplace violence and allow you to demonstrate in a court of law that you have done your due diligence in the hiring process.


Best Practices Background Checks

We view our background checks as a service not a product. There are literally thousands of different places where your applicant may have adverse information. We have seen hundreds of examples of companies that are dissatisfied with their vendors due the fact that they perceived that they have missed adverse information on their applicant. Our "Best Practices Background Check" is our solution to this problem. We exhaustively search every available source for adverse information on your applicant, we try our best to leave no stone unturned.

Screening Solutions by Industry

Nationwide Background Checks Offers a variety of services and solutions for specialized Industries. For many industries specific requirements and regulations must be adhered to during the screening process. Our Industry Solutions are tailored to help you maintain compliance while implementing the most effective screening process. In addition to highly regulated industries, we realize that all businesses are unique. We believe in customizing our services to fit perfectly with your company needs. We can customize a screening package to match any type of business. Some of the Industries that we assist are:
PCI Compliance
Health Care
Tenant Screening
Financial Services
Non Profit