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Dozens of searches and thousands of places to look

Best Practices

We view our background checks as a service not a product. There are literally thousands of different places where your applicant may have adverse information. We have seen hundreds of examples of companies that are dissatisfied with their vendors due the fact that they perceived that they have missed adverse information on their applicant.

Industry Solutions

We offer a variety of services and solutions for specialized industries. For many industries, specific requirements and regulations must be adhered to during the screening process. Our Industry Solutions are tailored to help you maintain compliance while implementing the most effective screening process.

Our Technology

Unlike other screening companies, we offer a full range of integration services from simple XML interfaces to full-scale business process management solutions. We can provide you with a new and complete application tracking solution or interface with your existing system. There is no technological barrier that Court Check cannot overcome. Court Check combines business strategy with technology to create opportunities for you!


NBC provides background checks and employment screening services to employers focused on quality, cost effective, and compliant solutions. Our web-based reports display results in real-time to keep you up to speed every step of the way. We specialize in developing complete employment screening packages to fit your unique business needs.


Who is Nationwide Background Checks
Hiring should never be a guessing game

NBC is part of Pointhr, Inc. PointHR is a company that takes Human Resource tasks and makes them easier for HR people to do everyday. You may be interested in background checks, you may need help with your I-9s, you may be intrigued by our online onboarding tools. Whatever your area of need is, we want to help. With more than 15 years in the business PointHR has become a leading provider of consulting, outsourcing, and screening services. Together, our employees serve approximately 5,000 clients in every U.S. state.

  • Criminal

    Criminal Record Checks are necessary to place safe qualified candidates.

  • Credit

    These searches are an absolute must if the applicant under consideration will be handling money.

  • Motor Vehicle

    Driving records are essential for employees who drive company vehicles or who drive on company time.

  • Application Screening

    We can verify Professional Licensing, Credentials, Work History, Education, and more.


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